A worldview is a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can be expressed as…a set of presuppositions which we hold about the basic constitution of reality, and that provides the foundation on which we live and move and have our being.” James W. Sire, The Universe Next Door (Downers Grove, Ill.:Intervarsity Press, 2004) p. 17.

I post Sire’s quote because I recognize this entire “About” page to be a presentation of my worldview; who am I, what do I believe, and how do those beliefs  influence and effect the way in which I carry on in my day-to-day life.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m prone to prattling on and on, so I’ll attempt to present this information regarding my worldview as simple and to the point as I can.

First and foremost, I am a Christian. I can confidently say that nothing in this entire world has so shaped my worldview and the manner in which I attempt to live in and carry out that worldview than my relationship with Christ. I am influenced by the infallibility of the Bible and while I “bitterly cling” to such beliefs, I welcome and rather enjoy the discussion of all points of view.

And moving into the theme of politics (since this is ‘technically’ a political blog), I am a Republican. I have long since come to the realization that the Republican Party best represents the majority of the political ideologies that I posses-therefore I align myself with that party and their expressed ideals.

I am a Panamanian born Latina (a ‘pure-bred’ Latina as I like to joke with my friends (my mother was born in Panama-and my father was born in Colombia); and while I don’t claim that makes me any “wiser” than anyone else-or gives me better experiences than anyone else-I can say that the heritage and traditions passed on to me influence a lot of the ways in which I view certain things.

But more than a “pure-bred” Latina, I am an American. I love this country-more than any other place in the world and I kiss the ground on which it was built. This is my home; this is my country and for better or worse-I cherish her heritage, extol her principles, love her traditions and passionately embrace her freedoms and the opportunities she affords me every day. I love this country. I fundamentally love this country.

In a bit more ‘personal’ matters, I graduated from Colorado Christian University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management-Christian Leadership. I have a fascination with the Myers-Briggs personality types (I’m a “Mastermind Rational” for those of you who know what I’m talking about) and I love history and pathology/immunology/virology-essentially anything involving disease and the body’s ability to fight it. I currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO.


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